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Santa Catarina , Brassil
  • Jardinagem | Gardening
  • Construção | Building
  • Cozinha | Cooking
  • Agricultura | Agriculture
  • Cuidados com os animais | Animal Care
  • Ajuda com projeto ecológico | Help with Eco project
  • Ajuda com turistas | Helping with tourists
  • Ajuda com computadores / internet | Help with computers / internet
  • Ensino | Teaching
  • Outros | Others
  • Tipos de ajuda que o voluntário pode oferecer.
    GET WILD. OUR HOME. YOUR PLAYGROUND. If you find yourself an extremely hardcore individual and ready for the challenge, take the responsibility to read everything properly so you won’t be surprised when we blow your pants off!! "When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be”… as Pantjali once said. What’s important is not who wrote the quote, but how fast it makes your heart beat! We are so grateful for you taking the time to read about our Dream. Enjoy. :) *WELCOME* This is an experience which will empower you to live your optimal way of life. Reconnect to yourself, others and nature whilst living with our amazing international family. Learn the tools and life lessons to enhance your everyday life. Our home is set in 72,000m² of wild nature which provides the ideal environment for you to challenge your body and mind. When staying in our exceptional accommodation, being nourished by our healthy meals and inspired by our diverse range of activities, this will be an unforgettable experience that will push your limits to fulfil your potential. Will you dare to live your dreams? We are REVIEWING 100s of people to join our unique team… ONLY a few will be selected. Will you make it? That depends on YOU. This is YOUR opportunity to join our in on an incredible mission to change the world. You will be a part of the wildest experience ever to stretch the limits and become UNSTOPPABLE. You will gain insight into your core values, self-esteem and multiple psychological tools to do everything in life you’ve ever dreamed of… all the while having loads of fun. You will be part of the team that is our core and the heart of this project that encourages us all to live up to our fullest potential, to be better human beings to be the best versions of ourselves. Everything you could imagine in one place: Partying, yoga, surfing, studying, topical talks, discussions, fasting, gardening, detoxing, meditating, surviving, sailing, moving, eco-building, dancing, cooking, WORKING, hiking, free diving, self-sustainability teaching, public speaking , self-expression, painting, singing, acting, book reading, goal setting, poetry… YOU NAME IT… WE´VE GOT IT (or we’ll just make it happen). This is not a surf camp, spiritual sanctuary, self-help centre, wellness retreat, hippy community, etc., etc... This is us; everything and nothing. We are open-minded and constantly adapting to better and broaden our point of view and awareness in this dynamic world. Open your heart and mind, let go of your expectations and COME FRESH! WE DREAM, WE DARE, WE DO. We started as travellers and went crazy all the way and bought a very, very big piece of land between forest, mountains, ocean, lake and a river in a fishing village called Barra Da Lagoa in Florianopolis, Brazil; the ‘magic island’ of Santa Catarina. For the last year we have been building this place for YOU. We are surrounded by a warm-hearted community where waving "Oi" to a stranger, hugging an old woman and chatting with the peaceful fisherman is normality. :) So who are you crazy people?! It's time to make a change; it’s time to do something different and courageous. Weekly Activities Each week we create a different schedule that includes all the daily activities. The activities depend on which members of the family we have currently here. This means you could be doing things like yoga, meditation, krav maga, fishing, dance, poetry, hiking, surfing, chess club or knife throwing. Not only this, but we also have weekly empowerment session where we will discuss, teach and learn about topics such as social fears, personal barriers, goal setting, personal identity and finding purpose. We also encourage you to go on a fishing trip with the local fishermen to experience real culture and help the community. Our Promise You are not working for us, you are working with us. Our promise to you is that we will always work with you to make certain that there is a mutual benefit; This means building trust and having open and honest conversations to ensure that we’re both excited by the relationship. With all of our positions at Rosemary, we strive to help you learn, work hard and have maximum amount of fun. For us, it’s done through giving you the tools to create a healthy balance of mind, body and connection with nature and people for yourself. We want to guide you through and perspective changing experience that we believe will change the course of your life. If reading this gave you the same feeling you get when you see your food coming at a fancy restaurant, please contact us through here. Looking forward to your spicy message. *HARDCORE VOLUNTEERS ONLY - "the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement" . Do you have what it takes to make an impression on us and the world? To wake up every morning with a big smile and jumpy feet and making another big step for yourself, the team, humanity and the planet? *Trustworthy - "able to be relied on as honest or truthful." – Trust is the foundation of all relationships. It starts here. To join the team takes a lot of courage, humility and 100% dedication, you are going to go through a rigorous process. There are no shortcuts and every single applicant will be analysed carefully to know that they are the right fit for our community and the role. *Hold on your travel plans before our final approval for you to join the program* We speak a few languages, still the main language in the project is English, so do your best. AT THE END OF THE DAY YOUR FEET SHOULD BE DIRTY YOUR HAIR MESSY AND YOUR EYES SPARKLING Thank you very much for reading. We are honoured to have you here; we are already making a change in the world with you by raising awareness. Breve descrição do estabelecimento.
  • Tenho acesso a internet | I have internet access
  • Tenho animais |I have pets
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    Amanda Barbosa 21/12/2017 18:55:15

    The experience with Cormoran and the staff was simply amazing! Being part of dream team made me feel so grateful for all the teachings I have had in my time there! Eating healthily, getting out of my comfort zone, meeting people with different cultures from all over the world and find the balance between modern life and nature, were some of unforgettable experiences there! Thank you for the opportunity to stay with you! Amanda