After the transforming experiencing of work exchanging for the first time in England, in 2014, a different Amanda Barbosa came back to Brazil.

Living in a immersive way, side by side with its population, the culture of a country completely different from hers, as much in the language as in the beliefs or lifestyle, made her see the world with other eyes, and that awakened even more her desire to show people how that kind of experience can change anybody's life.


It was then that the idea for her blog, now a transformation project named "Por Uma Vida Mais Rica", came up. In this blog she gives tips and encourages people to go after what makes them feel happy and fulfilled.


As a consequence of this project, she noticed a great difficulty among the people who wanted to travel through work exchange on finding places and websites in portuguese which offered this kind of experience. It was then that the Work Nomads idea came up, a website created to bring people closer, encourage the cultural exchange among brazilians and foreigners from all over the world, and collaborate to a more sustainable world.


This is, undoubtedly, a dream come true and accomplishment  of a calling, which has always been in her life: to contribute to the building of a world with more humane, happy and educated people and for the health of planet Earth, in every respect.