If you have a room or spare space in your property, need help, may it be in your projects or in household keeping chores, no matter what area it is, and are interested in knowing people from all over Brazil and abroad and exchanging experiences with them, so why not inviting them to help you through Work Nomads?

People from different cultures will come to you to help you in the most different tasks, such as helping in the building of an ecovillage, household keeping chores, web design, digital marketing, children care, animal care, growing vegetables... the lists never ends!


Work Nomads was created to empower people through the exchange of experiences in the most vast areas: professional, cultural, intellectual and even spiritual.


As a guest, you will have to be prepared to offer a warming environment, some tasks to the Nomads - as we affectionately call the people who are willing to have this cultural exchange, in addition to a place to sleep and food, if possible.


In exchange, you will have people helping you in the necessary tasks, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, as long as they are part of your agreement and are within the possibilities of the Nomad.


Here are some examples of common kinds of help: painting, planting, reaping vegetables, taking care of children or animals, cooking, house holding tasks, teaching languages, giving classes, etc.


Remember that usually the volunteers come looking for an experience which is different of the ones they already have in their ordinary life. Some are students, but many are qualified professionals looking for different kinds of interactions and experiences. This means they must be part of your family and receive all the help and caring they need. Work Nomads hasn't been created to be an website that aims to look for cheap work force, but a culture and knowledge exchange, in which both parts must have benefits.


Benefits of receiving volunteers in your establishment:

  • It's free
  • Get done those tasks you have been wanting to do but can't find the time to do so.
  • Get to know new people, make new friends and share adventures
  • Let the world come to you
  • Exchange, learn and teach new skills
  • Learn and practice a new language
  • Have new ideas and different perspectives about your project
  • Get more inspiration and dynamism
  • Be a visitor in your own city
  • Have more friends from all over Brazil and abroad


When you register as a establishment willing to receive people who are interested in the areas you specified, the Nomads will be able to get in touch with you using a form that will be filled by them and sent to your email. The decision to make this contact will be made by the Nomad, and the decision to accept him or her or not is yours. Remember that we just facilitate the connection between the Nomad and you (your email will never be visible at the Work Nomads website). After the first contact is made, you can offer more detailed information.


You will also be able to see the profile of the person who gets in touch with you, including pictures or any other information provided by the Nomad when registering.


Click here to learn more about Work Nomads.


How long can the volunteers stay?

This decision is yours. We recommend that you set, firstly, a short period of time (5 days or a week) as a trial period, with the possibility of extending the stay length. This way, it's possible that both of you feel free to stay longer or not - some nomads end up staying for longer than a year and others become long term friends.

What kind of accommodation should I offer?

It depends on what you have to offer. It may be that you have a tent in your garden, or a free room in your house. It's important to make it clear, so that the volunteers know what kind of accommodation they will have before their arrival.

What about the food?

Food is usually included in the deal, and most of the times, the cooking and cleaning chores are shared. This means that you are not expected to prepare three meals a day to your volunteers, in the same way you cannot expect them to cook for you everyday besides doing their work (except that is part of the deal). The best thing to be done is to make everything clear from the beginning, to avoid future issues. You must keep your meal breaks the same, cook together or give the Nomad the basics, without needing to make any specific changes in your routine. If you wish, the meals can also be made as if they were your guests - the decision is yours to take.  

How can I register?

By clicking below in "Register as a Host", you will be asked to give the following information: details about you and your organization, the kind of work you would like to be done, the kind of accommodation you have to offer and general information, such as habits and lifestyle (smoker/nonsmoker, vegetarian, vegan, etc).

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