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We're a simple, basic hostel in the middle of a monstrously large city. About 2 blocks away from us is brazil's main street, Avenida Paulista, and we've got 2 metro stations within 500meters of our front door. This hostel attracts ALL kinds of people, with all kinds of purposes hhaha. We work almost exclusively with service exchange, because it makes the vibe in the hostel that much more interesting. Our team at any time consists of at least 6 people from all over the globe, ranging in age from 18 to 50, with a total average of 23 years old. Everybody here partakes in all chores that we have. We all do the FUN bar shifts. And at some point, everybody cleans a bathroom. But of course we try and incorporate the specific individual wishes that each person has :-) Don't even think about skipping São Paulo because "it's dangerous, expensive, dirty, and has only walking business suits". São Paulo is what YOU make of it, with the information of everything it has to offer presented by US. Shoot us an email to get more details such as working hours, shifts, and availability planning.

São Paulo , Brazil
  • Cozinha | Cooking
  • Ajuda com turistas | Helping with tourists
  • Ajuda com computadores / internet | Help with computers / internet
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    Nós somos um simples hostel localizado no meio de uma megalópole. A cerca de 2 quarteirões de nosso hostel, está a Av Paulista, a mais importante rua do Brasil. E a menos de 500m da nossa porta da frente, temos duas 2 estações de metrô. Nós trabalhamos quase que exclusivamente com troca de trabalho por hospedagem, pois isso faz com que a vibração no hostel seja muito mais interessante. A nossa equipe consiste em pelo menos 6 pessoas do mundo todo, com idade entre 18 e 50 anos, e umal média geral de 23 anos. Short description of the property.
  • Tenho acesso a internet | I have internet access
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