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I am a swiss guy who found himself owning a piece of land in Brazil. As a Biologist and Organic Farmer I soon found out about its actual state, which at first sight seems to be intact forest but in fact is mostly sick vegetation on very poor soil. This is unfortunately the case with already vast areas of brazils once so rich landscape. Actually it is a worldwide problem. In real Pioneer tradition I started a recovery project, with little means but loads of sweat. Following the laws of simplicity we errected a simple house from mostly natural material. Little by little some comfort is adding up, though electricity is not needed. The main focus is on the agroforst plantations. Once they should provide enough food for selling. First though, the soil has to be improved. I coppy some tecniques from Ernst Gotsch, the great swiss-brasilian forest recoverer. Some might call it Permaculture, but it goes much deeper and involves a deep understanding of natures mechanisms of growth and repair. Up to the actual "intention" of the Creation. Working in the Project requires some degree of ability to deal with hardship. The natural conditions are not to be underestimated. The climat can be very hot. Besides do we share the living space with many different animals. Some of them more compatible with our life stile then others. But you will recognize that we are just guests here. To adapt, we have to sacrifice some comfort. But in exchange we will be accepted in a great nature by a great mother nature's heart.

Rio de Janeiro , Brasil
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    Eu sou um Suiço que mantem este projeto na Mata Atlantica no Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Tenho tres objeitivos: - restaurar e revitalizar uma parte da Mata que foi degradada gravemente igual como grande partes da fauna e flora do Brasil. - produzir comida organica e saudavel num jeito sustentavel que aumenta a fertilidade do solo - uma vida simples dedicada a natureza. Nossas construções são feitas de materiais naturais. Para atingir isso, temos que, primeiro, investir bastante trabalho físico, para criar a base. Temos tb que estudar o ambiente, conhecer as plantas e os animais. Temos que saber como fonciona o ecosistema e tambem os mecanismos da regeneraçao natural. Short description of the property.
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