Security, Privacy and Trust

Security, Privacy and Trust

Any kind of interaction with other human beings happens based on trust, may it be with the driver of a car in front of us on the road, or when we leave our valuable belongings in a hotel room. Travelling tests to the maximum our ability to trust others.

When we are far from our houses we have to face the fact that we have to rely on other people to show us the way when we are lost. It all would be impossible, unless we the trust we need to have in human race (or in most of it) wasn't  implicit in us.


The Work Nomads website works based on trust! This is true both to the traveler (who is going to a completely new environment) and to the host, who is inviting a stranger to his house.


Hosts must be receptive and do everything so that the volunteers feel at home and adapt to the surroundings.


Volunteers must be careful and respect the host space.


A different state or country can have habits and lifestyles that differ from what you are used to, so, take this as an opportunity to  see the world from a new perspective. This mutual trust works pretty well, since that it is in the best interest of both of you that the interaction between you happen in a positive reciprocal manner.


Don't take unnecessary risks. Don't provide personal information until you feel that the person you are talking to is, in fact, the person you are looking for.


It is also important that you research about your destination before going there and take some precautions and required measures about it, such as political factors, security or even diseases which may be dangerous or contagious. Remember that tourist places with a higher profile tend to suffer more with theft, burglary, etc.


If you are traveling alone, especially if you are a woman, you probably have to give more attention to how/where/when your trip is going to happen.



Rare situations, in which things don't go so well, usually happen due to lack of communication from one or both parts, what ends up creating frustrated expectations.


It is very important that everything is well set. Both volunteers and hosts must read and evaluate the profile and pictures of one another (the profile must provide as much information as possible), and then make a list of the doubts and pertinent information. For instance:


  • Activities to be executed
  • Working hours/days off
  • Food offered.


Personal contact is important, so if you have the chance of a previous phone call, that will certainly help a lot.


We also advise the volunteers not to tie themselves to the locations until the hosts have confirmed your stay. Remember that unpredicted situations can mean cancelling or postponing both from the volunteer or from the host. May that be the case, we ask the other part to be informed as soon as possible.


If there is any discomfort about the work conditions, it's up to the Nomad and host to come to find a solution together, or go back and undo the agreement.


Every and any agreement is made fully through traveler and host, Work Nomads just provides the information and initial contact facilities between them (please, read our terms and conditions.)


In case you recognize any abuse or deviation o conduct in any sense or from any part, this must be reported to Work Nomads.

Internet Security Warning

Just like in real life, when we deal with anyone online, it's important to remember that we must be aware that there will always be unscrupulous  people, despite the overwhelming majority acting as honestly as they show they are. Therefore, in case you are asked to, never make any deposit, send or transfer money for any reason, it doesn't matter how convincing the story may seem.


If you find anyone at Work Nomads who may seem suspicious, please get in touch with our team immediately.