To find places in Brazil and get in touch with hosts willing to receive people through work exchange - accommodation in exchange of some hours of help in projects, companies or organizations - you just have to register (your registration will last 6 months) and pay a R$ 87,00 fee - this amount will contribute to the manutention and working of this website.

Members records allow the volunteer to make as many agreements as he wants within this period. This means you will have access to the host list from Work Nomads during all your registration duration and you can offer help in as many places as you want, without having to pay anything more for that. Payment method: Paypal, Credit Card or bank slip.


As a traveler or someone who searches for learnings and (in many cases, both), volunteering to work with a family, a project or an organization is the ideal way to really get to know the cultural aspects of a place. And you will have the advantage of staying among people ready to receive you with open arms.

Feel safe when searching through locations, cause when accessing the complete profile at members area, you will have access to more detailed information about the project/ company registered,as well as the website or Facebook profile/ page.


Besides that, you can find a field in the host profile which will give you the opportunity of evaluating him and of finding evaluations from other volunteers about the experience in that place, and this mutual help among people plays a role in the creation of an experience bases reputation.

You also have the opportunity of learning a new language, without needing to enrol a language course or to travel as an exchange student to another country, since Brazil is a beloved destination for people from all over the world, what puts you in touch with foreigners in the location where you are volunteering.


Do the household chores as if you were at home: do the laundry, cook - when necessary -, keep your space clean.


You should remember that Work Nomads isn't a tool to finding accommodation for free, but something much deeper, in which collaboration, learning and cultural exchange are the fundamental  factors for a great cultural empowering process and personal transformation.


Through Work Nomads you will have the chance to explore Brazil's natural beauties, learn about sustainability, practice new skills, know people and even learn or practice a different language, since Brazil is worldwide known touristic destination, what gives you the possibility  of knowing foreigners in the places where you are offering help.


Please remember that Work Nomads isn't an agency. We just facilitate the connection with the places which are open to that exchange. It is your responsibility to create your own profile, to make contact with the establishments, introduce yourself, organize the necessary to your trip, deal with unforeseen events and treat all matters related to the kind of help to be offered directly with your host.


Once you are registered at Work Nomads, you will be ready to search through the places you intend to visit. Remember to say what are the abilities or activities in which you would like to work, hobbies, habits, etc.


What can you do as a Work Nomads member?

  • Get in touch with the registered establishments spread all over Brazil.;
  • To create a profile with the skills and abilities you have, or activities you would like to develop.
  • To put pictures in your profile, showing who you are and activities you are interested in.
  • To acess the website from your phone.
  • To assess and be assessed by hosts registered at the website, to build a profile based on reputation.
  • Help spreading to Brazil and to the world how volunteer work has been allowing more and more people to explore our country, helping communities, organizations and people.


Learn more about Work Nomads.


Once I'm in touch with the establishment i got interested in, how do I organize my stay with him?

After getting in touch by email and the guest showing availability to receive you, he will probably take the steps to fix further details by email or even over the phone.

Is there a minimum stay length?

No, but most places require at least a week long stay.

What's the maximum stay length ?

That will depend on your host needs and on your visa specifications (if applicable)

Is there anything I should refuse to do?

This problem will be avoided if you previously communicate with your host about your conditions and, of course, don't take risks doing anything that can put your life in danger or that goes against your professional ethics.

Besides the help, what else is expected from me?

It's expected that you help in household chores of the place you are living in and, preferably, let everything clean when leaving.

Can Work Nomads organize my visa application?

Work Nomads can't help you with or organize any visa application for you. All volunteers must have all necessary visa to enter Brazil (if that is the case). All questions about your trip and visas must be done to the Brazilian embassy before your travel.

What is the minimal and maximal age to be a volunteer?

You must be at least 18 years old, and there's no maximum age to register to Work Nomads

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