What Work Nomads is

What Work Nomads is

Online platform for work exchange/volunteer work opportunities in farms, sustainable projects and empowerment centers throughout Brazil.


Work Nomads is a website which connects people searching for immersive experiences during a trip, may it be through sustainability knowledge, cultural exchange or the learning of new abilities, to people who are searching for different kinds of help in their projects, such as gardening and bioconstruction in permaculture farms and ecovillages; reception and maintenance services in hostels/B&B, and animal caring in family homes.

Our philosophy is simple

Some hours of honest help each day in exchange of accommodation and food, with the differential of knowing places that few would have the privilege of knowing, besides the opportunity of learning  about the local lifestyle, through the contact with people willing to receive their guest in a warming way.

Our Goals is:

• To promote cultural  between people from different areas of Brazil and also from abroad;

To allow people who may be travelling within a limited budget to have an enriching, unique and thorough experience of the local culture;

To promote human empowerment through cultural exchange among people from different cultures and nationalities, giving them the chance of working as volunteers and contributing to this cause;

To give opportunity to projects and causes to receive support through the help offered, so that they can have a real and immediate impact in Brazil and in the world.


Work Nomads has a database with information of families, communities or organizations from all over Brazil, who look for people interested in offering help in the most diverse tasks, such as painting, child care, animal care, growing organic vegetables, building ecovillages and others.


Work Nomads has the goal of connecting people interested in trips as deep and meaningful experiences, and who are willing to give some hours of their day working in a totally volunteer manner, to people engaged in many causes, as sustainability, ecotourism, education and project development, without the need of a high financial investment.


The registered establishments are based all over Brazil, and each day new users join us. So, if you are thinking of doing a trip and having a completely different experience from everything you have lived so far and exploring deeper what this beautiful country has to offer, Work Nomads website is the answer!


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